Adhering to the concept of "building the laser display industry chain and innovation chain", the company is committed to the research and industrialization of cutting-edge technologies of tri color laser display. A research and development team integrating production, teaching and research has been set up to successfully launch a new generation of laser display series products to the market, such as true laser TV, theater laser light source system, and engineering projector.


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Laser Tech of CASIRIS

Breakthrough Laser Display technology

Small size & high performance

Tricolor LD module tech

High power & high efficiency

Optical fiber coupling tech

High efficiency & low delay

Control drive tech

High precision & stability

Time-sharing modulation tech

High dynamic

Color management tech

Low noise & high efficiency

Thermal management tech

Chromaticity uniformity

Shimming lighting tech

Sharpest Display

Speckle elimination tech

The Advantages of Triple Laser Tech

The Widest Gamut

Ultra-high Brightness

Ultra-Long Lifespan

Ultra-high efficency

High Brightness Record Creator

Patents about Triple Laser Tech

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88000 Lumens Record Creator

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Amazing Display Project

Our Team in Olympics Games

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2019 International Horticultural Exposition

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Display Solutions

Engineering Projection Solutions 

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Cinema Projection Solutions

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Home Theater Solutions

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