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Buying Guide-05-The Color From This Projector Beats Laser Phosphor Projector!
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Buying Guide

The Color From This Projector Beats Laser Phosphor Projector!


Will you pay attention to the laser projector color gamut or laser system/technology before purchasing? Check out the color difference between the two different laser projectors and we’ll tell you why it’s important. 

In comparison, the color deviation from the right side is very small. The color is vibrant, lifelike, and mind-blowing, in high saturation and strong contrast.

Both the two projectors are laser projectors but why the color difference is really noticeable? It’s the system /module design that makes the triple laser projector exceed the laser phosphor projector in color.

A triple laser projector is powered by three primary lasers system. As we know the three primary colors (Red, Green, and Blue) are able to produce all the other colors. However, a laser phosphor projector lacks red and green so it needs a color wheel to produce other required colors. As we could tell, the left one (laser phosphor projector) has a great color deviation, which makes the picture look wash-out.

The triple laser projector could easily achieve BT. 2020 or more than 100% BT. 2020, while a laser phosphor requires specific conditions to reach a wider color gamut. BT.2020 color is the current industry standard for HD. With a wider color gamut, BT. 2020 plays a key role in color level and transition to deliver more true-to-life colors. 

More comparison videos between Triple Laser Projector & Laser Phosphor Projector with different image types, under the same condition:

Winter Street

Starry Sky

Food and cooking

Skyscrapers Night Lights

Movie trailer


CASIRIS is a projector manufacturer and laser cinema solutions company. Since its founding in 2015, CASIRIS has redefined triple laser technology and brought RGB triple laser products and projection solutions to customers in over 85 markets through its CASIRIS and LEP product lines of true triple laser technology.

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